Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barcelona Part II

Our second day in Barcelona started off with more Gaudi, this time at Parc Guell. He designed a number of public structures and statutes there, and it was cool just walkin’ around and snappin’ photos.

More cartoon buildings and brilliant photography.

Maybe Gaudi was really Dr. Seuss.

After Parc Guell, we walked down to Barri Gotic, the gothic part of Barcelona, passing one last Gaudi on the way. Barri Gotic, with its narrow, winding roads and big cathedral has all the staples of really old Europe.

Kinda creepy.

Barcelona goes goth.

At one point in Barri Gotic, we sat down in a tapas restaurant for a quick bite, and Joe put his shoulder bag on the ground underneath his bar stool. Some shade-ball tried to steal it by wrapping his foot around the strap and dragging it out, but luckily someone at another table saw and alerted Joe. He bolted out of the restaurant, only to find his bag ditched just outside the door and the skeeve running up the alley. Good thing someone saw it – Joe’s passport was in there. We were warned by the server that Barcelona, and especially Las Ramblas, is one of worst places in Europe for pickpockets, a fact we knew from books but now know from experience. It sucked for Joe at the time but it makes a good story now I think.

Our day, and our trip, ended with me lobbying the others to attend a Barca match, Barcelona’s soccer team and arguably the best club team in Europe at the moment. But with nosebleeders at E50, we decided to pass. Early to bed, we were up at 4 AM for our flight back to Brussels.

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