Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Human Rights Violations

True, between my last significant post and now, I've been a bit busy. I spent the prior five months on relatively slow pace; few issues of any importance demanded my attention. Mostly, I just traveled. Now, however, I've been forcefully thrust back into the real law school world. And despite the fact I'm in my very last semester of law school, I actually have a boat load to do.

Nonetheless, I promised myself I'd return to consistant blogging today. I genuinely enjoyed writing so frequently while I was abroad, so despite the increased distractions (read: television) I'm going to keep at it.

Unfortunately, something came up and I once again don't have the time to put together a post of substance. I had hoped to write about either London or Budapest, but no such luck. I know what you're saying... "you have to make time." Yeah. I know. But seriously, I really can't pull it off right now. My Human Rights Law professor emailed me today and informed me I had to write my final exam tomorrow. Mind you, I hadn't heard from him since December, and I had no idea when he'd schedule the exam. Gotta appreciate the irony, though. Springing an exam on a 3L a day before he's supposed to take it should be a human rights violation itself.

Anyway, I told him I couldn't pull it off, and we settled on Friday, but nonetheless I'm SLAMMED. I had a full plate before, but now I somehow have to squeeze in a final exam Friday morning. Sweet.

So, kinda like our troops in Iraq, my return will be delayed.

Wish me luck.

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