Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy to be of Service

Like many part-time narcissists who blog (at least in part) for the sake of inflicting themselves on the world, I use Site Meter. By the magic of a bit of software, a massively interconnected web, and the internets, Site Meter provides (for free) a very limited amount of information about computers that access my blog. Basically, I can see how many users visit my page and, on occasion, how they got there. Thus, if you were Google the terms "semantic chicanery" and then click on the website that pops up, Site Meter would tell me you arrived here via a Google search of "semantic chicanery".

Now, I can do more with computers than most people this side of those whose job it is do things with computers, but I don't claim to have a strong grasp of the complex algorithms behind search engines like Google. Nonetheless, if the search engine spits out my website as a result for whatever search, I'm happy. It means I get more readers, and thus, more victims. As a (temporarily) small-time media mogul, I'm not picky about who reads my garbage. And so to the individuals who arrived here via Google searches of "Amsterdam prostitution genital warts" and "beer fest bitches", I thank you for your patronage and hope you find continued prosperity on the road of life, though if your searches are any indication, I'm afraid at least one of you may encounter a few rough patches ahead.

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